Monday, 9 August 2010

LastPass or 1Password

I have been using 1Password on my Mac since the version. Then with the arrival of iPhone and later iPad 1Password folks were quick to introduce versions for these devices.

Sadly, there was no version for Windows. So I started looking around for another password management system that would work across all of my devices and operating systems. I found LastPass. If you want to know more about the security of the LastPass, listen to excellent SecurityNow! Podcast (

However, now I am back at using 1Password. Why?

First, here is what I like on LastPass:
  • Great support for platforms and OS. Actually more platforms I need.
  • An option for Two-factor authentication such as YubiKey
  • An option for paper passwords

And, what should be improved:
  • Compared to 1Password the support for more types of information stored in the database, such as application licenses and generic accounts
  • Logic when filling data to web forms
  • The mobile application for iPhone and iPad work less than impressive and need some work

I actually tried Premium service of LastPass, for testing on iPhoneand iPad. It cost reasonable $12 per year. When I realised that I will not be using LastPass anymore I asked them for refund. I did not expect ,ouch, but they promptly (2 minutes!) refunded the money.

And finally, 1Password is now available for Windows. I used Dropbox so synchronize the data and it works really well. However, I wish 1Password folks added two-factor authentication. In the end, if someone hacks my DropBox account they could simply start brute forcing 1Password pass code.
But adding such support may be difficult as both password management software use different philosophy for secure access to the data.

See my (IN)Secure magazine review of 1Password for more details.

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